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Dymatize BCAA 5050 getting three actual flavors

dymtize BCAA

At the moment Dymatize Nutrition’s appropriately titled BCAA formula BCAA Complex 5050, comes in just the one 58 serving unflavored tub. Fans of the brand after some flavored BCAAs can go to Amino Pro, however it isn’t as simple or cost effective as Dymatize’s BCAA only product. The brand has now announced that they’ve finally put together some actual flavors for the supplement, confirming a total of three.

The tastes that are currently only listed as coming soon are all common recipes in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Cherry Limeade. The BCAA 5050 formula will of course remain the same with the only change likely to be each flavor’s amount of servings. The tubs do still weigh in at 300g, the same as the unflavored, so we can’t imagine any of the three maintaining that total of 58 servings.

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