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Finaflex keep it simple for Stimz with just four different ingredients


Following on from the reveal of the new Stimul8 Capsule formula, which is now available in a number of locations. We have a closer look at another one of Finaflex’s previously unreleased supplements, the stimulant powered product Stimz. With a name like Stimz it’s no surprise the brand has kept the supplement pretty straightforward, packing it with only four different ingredients all wrapped up in the one 278mg proprietary blend.

Of the four features in Finaflex’s new Stimz, the two you probably could have guessed are the energy classics caffeine and rauwolfia vomitoria (rauwolscine). The other two making up the label are much more common in weight loss products which Stimz is partially promoted as, with theobroma cacao seed and green tea. Just like Stimul8 Capsules, Stimz is now available at the likes of Tiger Fitness and Supplement Central, who are both listing the 45 tablet product for $21.95.

Finaflex Stimz


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