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Pump and pre-workout looking like the next two from GAT


While GAT didn’t exactly confirm how many supplements they were working on back when they previewed their upcoming pump pre-workout. The brand has now confirmed an official total, releasing an image featuring two blacked out products listed as coming soon. In GAT’s original preview picture the brand gave us a sneak peek at a pump supplement in a beta-test bottle, as well as a formula labeled as a pre-workout that looked a lot more finished. We did mention that the two could be the same product or completely separate, although now it seems the latter is the likely answer.

Despite GAT’s new image blacking out both of the supplements, it is pretty obvious they are powder formulas furthering the idea of a pre-workout and dedicated pump pre-workout. The big mystery left behind is of course what’s going to happen to Nitraflex and JetFuse, the brand’s current pre-workouts, if there is in fact a new pre-workout coming. In GAT’s latest teaser it does show Nitraflex beside the two unknown products with JetFuse nowhere to be seen, however that doesn’t necessarily mean Nitraflex will be hanging around and JetFuse dropping out.

There is still a lot of information left to be revealed for both of GAT’s upcoming supplements, although at least we now we’re in for two different products.

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