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Jym Support Stack saves you 6-7% on Vita, Omega and ZMA Jym

jym support stack

Not too long after Jim Stoppani completed his Jym supplement system putting together a pre-workout, post-workout and protein powder, he launched a stack of all three together. The collection of Pre Jym, Post Jym and Pro Jym, finally gave fans of the brand a chance to get some discount even if it only meant a few dollars. To finish off the month strong Stoppani has gone and done exactly the same thing again, although this time with three of his other products for the Jym Support Stack.

The latest combination of supplements from the Jim Stoppani brand brings together the basic formulas Omega Jym and ZMA Jym, as well as the multi-vitamin Vita Jym. Separately the three would usually cost you $56.94, but when purchased all at once in the Jym Support Stack you end up saving between 6 and 7%. The discounted amount comes out at $53.21, dropping each product by about $1.25. The place to go to get the new stack is of course the brand’s exclusive US retailer,, who do now have the third Stoppani stack in stock and available for purchase.