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Lucky Charms looking Lean Whey Lean Charms coming next week

lean whey

Just yesterday we posted about a new flavor from Muscle Sport for their BCAA formula BCAA Revolution. The option the brand put together was yet another creative recipe with Rainbow Italian Ice. When it comes to creative flavors Muscle Sport has definitely been on a streak as of late, with today actually bringing one more. While the most recent addition was for BCAA Revolution, then before that Rhino 2.0 and NeuroVol, the latest from the brand is for their protein powder Lean Whey Revolution.

At the moment Muscle Sport’s Lean Whey comes in a long list of options which includes traditional tastes like Chocolate and Banana, and rarities such as Oatmeal Cookie and S’Mores. The all new flavor joining the supplement’s menu is most definitely an industry first with Lean Whey Lean Charms. While we don’t have a clear image of it yet judging by its name and graphic on the tub, Lean Charms looks to be Muscle Sport’s take on the breakfast cereal Lucky Charms.

As outrageous as Lean Whey Lean Charms sounds, the brand’s Lucky Charms attempt is real and coming soon. According to their announcement the one-of-a-kind protein is due to arrive sometime next week where we can only assume it will go on sale through Muscle Sport’s official website.

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