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Color stacked Mesomorph Rocket Pop now available direct from APS

mesomorph rocket pop

If you caught the news on APS Nutrition’s latest supplement, Mesomorph Rocket Pop, you’ll already know it’s a little more than just another flavor. One of the most interesting things about the brand’s limited edition option outside the fact that it’s yet another Bomb Pop inspired product, is the way it is packaged. Not only did APS give Mesomorph Rocket Pop a different colored tub, making it transparent as opposed to the usual black, but they also stacked the three color powder in the tub one by one in classic Bomb Pop order.

Previously we didn’t know of anywhere that had the one-of-a-kind supplement, this week however that is no longer the case. While we don’t yet know of any US retailers stocking Mesomorph Rocket Pop, those who don’t want to wait can pick it up from the brand’s own website. It is now available at for the same price as all the other Mesomorph flavors at $64.95.

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