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Stack3d Certified: Nutrabio Whey Protein Isolate

nutrabio isolate

Today we have another protein powder to add to our list of Stack3d Certified supplements. For those that don’t know about our Stack3d Certified program, it is our way of finding protein powders that you can 100% trust, proving that they are spike free and true to their label. Basically we purchase a submitted product from a random retailer and have it shipped straight to the lab for testing. We then post the results confirming whether or not the supplement has any added free form aminos and the protein amount listed on the label. The latest product to have been put through that is Nutrabio’s Whey Protein Isolate which we are happy to tell you is amino spike free and true to its claim.

The official lab results for Nutrabio’s Whey Protein Isolate are listed below where you can see the supplement does not feature any additional amino acids. That does of course rule out the possibility of the brand using any aminos towards its protein total which according to the results is 25.78 dry basis and 24.54g as is, compared to its claimed 25g. The results are much like what we got for our first Stack3d Certified protein American Muscle Premium Whey, being right within the accuracy of the lab and brand. We can only hope more companies like Nutrabio come forward and put their protein to the test and join our list of trusted products at

Lab results can be found here.

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