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Cellucor P6 PM looking like a new and improved Cor ZMA

p6 pm

Following on from Cellucor’s reveal of P6 Chrome, and the release of details for the predicted P6 Xtreme, actually comes news of yet another P6 formula. Making it a surprise total of four muscle builders for the brand’s G4 Chrome Series is a nighttime supplement named P6 PM. While the blue branded product does make use of Cellucor’s muscle building name, it definitely appears to be more of a sleep support supplement.

Unlike when you look at P6 Chrome and P6 Xtreme and see a handful of similarities to the regular P6. P6 PM does in fact have more in common with an entirely different Cellucor product. Whether you look at it as its predecessor or just something that features a lot of the same things, you can’t help but see a connection between P6 PM and Cor ZMA.

Of the new supplement’s six ingredients or eight if you count the ZMA combination individually, there are only two that you won’t find in Cellucor’s ZMA. Basically the zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 have all been kept the same, with ZMA’s other features tribulus, melatonin and GABA all being put into a proprietary blend. The two that are left to set P6 PM apart from Cor ZMA are passionflower and the trademarked ingredient Suntheanine l-theanine. With a formula so similar it’s no surprise P6 PM also promises the exact same effects as the ZMA listing free testosterone support and improved sleep.

The real question now is what’s going to happen to ZMA when P6 PM arrives? With four out of six features the same and both promoting sleep and free testosterone, it will be interesting to see if Cellucor holds on to both products.

Cellucor P6 PM

p6 pm

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