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Slim Shake ‘N’ Take gives Ultimate Slim fans an on-the-go solution

slim shake n take

UPS Protein fans will have most likely already heard of the brand’s well named protein pancake formula Shake ‘N’ Bake. UPS has now put together a product using the exact same bottle and a very similar name with the Slim Shake ‘N’ Take. Despite how close their names are, the two supplements are different. While Shake ‘N’ Bake is the only one like it in the brand’s line up, the Slim Shake ‘N’ Take is basically an on-the-go version of the UPS fat burning protein Ultimate Slim.

The bottle just comes with a serving of powder in it, so you can do exactly as it’s titled, shake and take. The only difference Ultimate Slim users may notice is that you don’t have as many flavors to choose from for the Slim Shake ‘N’ Take. Unlike the 2.2lb protein powder which comes in Strawberry Fields, Banana Twist, Creme Caramel, Belgian Chocolate and Honeycomb Buzz, UPS has not given their latest Ultimate Slim’s banana recipe.

Update: UPS Protein has confirmed that the Slim Shake ‘N’ Take will eventually be available in all five flavors, including Banana Twist.

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