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TestX Dorian’s first new supplement since last year’s Dynamino


As long as we’ve been following Dorian Yates Nutrition, the supplement company from the six-time Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates, we’ve only ever seen one new product from the brand. It was last year that Dynamino was added, entering Dorian Yates Nutrition into the competitive amino category. This year the brand has got yet another original supplement with the all new TestX. The latest from Dorian Yates is of course a testosterone booster promising all the usual effects such as strength, lean gains and sexual health.

To help TestX come through on its promises Dorian Yates has packed the product with nine different ingredients. Some of the most known features in the formula include the commonly used d-aspartic acid (DAA), tribulus and diindolylmethane (DIM). A few other ingredients in the mix are ashwagandha, carnitine l-tartrate and betaine anhydrous, with the rest of TestX listed in its facts panel below.

Unfortunately despite most brands going with 100% transparent labels this year, and even some updating older supplements. Dorian Yates’ has kept with a proprietary blend for TestX, leaving fans with no idea on any of the product’s doses just its blend total of 6.4g. For more information you can read all about TestX on the brand’s website at, where the supplement is also due to go on sale soon in the one 30 serving flavor, Raspberry Lemonade.

Dorian Yates Nutrition TestX


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