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Amino Build Next Gen coming in Icy Rocket Freeze

amino build next gen

Muscletech already confirmed that they’ve put together an all new Amino Build for release later this month. As exciting as that is, especially since Amino Build is one of our favorite amino supplements, the brand didn’t actually say what it is they’ve done to the formula. Previously all we really knew about the reformulated product was that Muscletech has made a handful of changes. The brand has now released details on exactly what one of those changes is as well as the sequel supplement’s name.

When the new Performance Series amino arrives you will still be able to call it Amino Build, however its complete title will have something else attached to it. Muscletech has in fact carried over the same naming convention used for Hydroxycut Next Gen officially titling their upcoming Amino Build, Amino Build Next Gen. As for the one change the brand has confirmed, fans can look forward to seeing an all new menu for the product.

At the moment you can find Muscletech’s Amino Build in three different flavors with Fruit Punch, Green Apple and White Grape, all three available for both of its sizes, 30 and 50 servings. While we don’t know if any of those will be carried over to Amino Build Next Gen, we do know of two entirely new flavors that will be on its menu. The two recipes are White Raspberry and the creative Muscletech flavor also on Anarchy and Creactor’s menus, the Bomb Pop inspired Icy Rocket Freeze.

The mystery of what’s been changed contents wise in Amino Build Next Gen still remains, although it definitely sounds like Muscletech has put some effort into its menu. Everything is still expected to be revealed around the time of the Olympia, which is in two weeks time.

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