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Amino GT featuring HICA and betaine, as well as aminos and green tea

amino gt

One of the three supplements we were expecting to see more of at this year’s Olympia Expo is GAT’s Amino GT, which we’ve finally got a detailed look at. Previously all we knew about the product was that it features 8g of amino acids with 5g of that 2:1:1 BCAAs, as well as an unknown dose of green tea. Now that we have the formula in front of us we can tell everything else that’s in Amino GT, including the remaining 3g of aminos.

Starting with the other amino acids GAT has included 1g each of arginine, taurine and glutamine. Moving on down the Amino GT label we also see 300mg of betaine, 100mg HICA, the already confirmed green tea at a dose of 200mg, and lastly 150mg each of papain and bromelain. While we don’t have a digital copy of the facts panel for a more complete look at the Amino GT formula we have done our best with a photograph of it below.

GAT Amino GT

amino gt

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