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Spend an extra 20% and try every flavor of Animal Whey

animal whey

One of the many things does extremely well is put together convenient supplement stacks. This doesn’t always mean a money saving combination of a brand’s pre-workout, post-workout and protein powder. On some occasions it can include just the one product giving you the chance to save money by buying big, or try some of the many flavors that supplements comes in. This week has launched the latter for their exclusive Animal protein powder Animal Whey.

Basically the way the stack works is for $29.99 you can get yourself six trial size tubs of Animal Whey, working out to a total of 24 servings. The idea is to give you the chance to try almost every one of the product’s flavors, with six of its seven available to choose from. The flavor missing from the trial bundle’s menu is Frank’s Birthday Cake, which does make sense as it is a 2lb only option and limited edition.

For those wondering just how much extra’s Animal Whey sampling opportunity will cost you, at $29.99 for 24 servings it could be a lot worse. Compared to buying a 2lb it is almost 20% more per serving, and just over 40% compared to the 4lb. At the end of the day though if the trial bundle results in you discovering a flavor you can’t stand, it will technically save you a lot more than either of the differences.

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