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Core extreme for Australia again with Core Hard Extreme

core hard extreme

Just like Core Nutritionals did for its pre-workout supplement Core Fury, turning it into Core Fury Extreme first for Australia, then for the US market. The brand has gone and done the exact same thing for its advanced recomposition and hardening agent Core Hard. The all new Core Hard Extreme is currently getting ready to be released down under, and has had its formula revealed confirming exactly what makes it so extreme.

Compared to the regular Core Hard, Core Hard Extreme packs an extra two ingredients. Basically everything that is in the current version is in the Australian edition at the exact same dose, from the half a gram of phosphatidylserine to the 50mg of n-coumaroyldopamine. As for the two additions to the product, Core has thrown in half a gram each of pomegranate extract and white button mushroom extract.

Another thing that’s different, that you’ll probably notice in the image above as well as in the facts panel below is that Core Hard Extreme is not a capsule supplement like Core Hard. To make it fit in with the regulations in Australia the brand has turned the product into a powder. While we don’t yet know what flavor it is, Core has maintained the original’s serving count packing a total of 28 servings into each tub Core Hard Extreme.

For those interested in getting a hold of the supplement as soon as you can, Massive Joes is going to be the place to watch as the store is said to have exclusivity on Core Hard Extreme. A page for the product has actually already been added at Massive Joes, where you can sign up to be notified when the supplement arrives in later October, early November.

Core Hard Extreme

core hard extreme

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