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CreMax XT also said to work as a stimulant free pre-workout

cremax xt

Performax Labs has released a first look at its upcoming CreMax sequel, officially titled CreMax XT. Last time we posted about the supplement we were really only able to confirm one thing and that was the name change. Today we still don’t know everything that’s going to be separating CreMax XT from the original, we do however know of some of the changes that do all of a sudden make the sequel look a lot more interesting.

The first thing Performax fans will notice in the CreMax XT preview is that the tub of the new product is significantly bigger than its predecessor. Looking at the numbers, CreMax XT does in fact come in at almost double the weight of CreMax with an overall total of 450g compared to 246g. It does also feature 30 servings just like the original, making you wonder what exactly Performax has added to the creatine formula.

Outside of the weight difference which is an extra 6.8g for CreMax XT, the only other details we know of are the supplement’s effects. While this kind of information doesn’t usually confirm much, on this occasion it does. Performax has said that the upcoming product will actually offer a bit of a pump on top of the usual strength and power promises of creatine. The brand even goes as far as saying CreMax XT could almost double as a stimulant free pre-workout as well as a high quality creatine, suggesting the sequel might also feature some performance ingredients.

As vague as the details are, from what we can gather it sounds like Performax has transformed its complex creatine formula into some kind of all-in-one, performance and pump pre-workout. We are just going to have to wait to find out what exactly the brand has done to CreMax XT to give it pump and pre-workout abilities, with the supplement currently expected to be released in the next three to four weeks.

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