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Try Before You Die Fusion Pro samples headed out to retailers

fusion pro

If for whatever reason the fact that Dedicated Nutrition went to an ice-cream company to help them flavor their reformulated protein Fusion Pro, isn’t convincing enough. Then you’ll be happy to hear that the brand has put together sample packs to cater to those who may want to try before they buy. As you can see above Dedicated has cheekily labeled their Fusion Pro sachets “Try Before You Die”, and produced them for almost every one of the supplement’s new flavors.

While samples aren’t really anything new, they’re not something you usually find too often in retailers. It will be quite the opposite for Dedicated’s Fusion Pro as the brand is distributing the Try Before You Buy sachets to as many stockists as they can. The only catch is that not every location will have them for the same price. Some stores may be giving them away for free and others end up selling them for £1. Your best bet it to just check with your local Dedicated retailer and see if you can do exactly what it says on the Fusion Pro samples.

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