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International exclusive Hydro BCAA goes on sale direct

hydro bcaa

For those that liked the look of Pro Supps international exclusive BCAA supplement, the three flavors Hydro BCAA, there is now a way you can get it here in the US. The new availability of the product appears to keep the brand’s exclusivity intact, offer Hydro BCAA up to local fans, but does have a pretty big downside. Basically none of Pro Supps’ US stockists will get the supplement, the brand’s own website however does.

As mentioned there is a downside, which you probably figured out the second we said the product is available direct from Pro Supps. Much like all the brand’s other supplements on their website, Hydro BCAA has been priced pretty high at $89.99 for 90 servings. You do get a lot of servings for your money, although compared to what else is out there this one is more for those die hard fans that just want to say they’ve tried every Pro Supps product.

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