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HyperMax XT featuring 11 of its predecessor’s ingredients

hypermax xt

Performax Labs has released a first look at their upcoming sequel pre-workout HyperMax XT. While the preview only gives us a peek at what the new product’s face looks like, the brand has passed on a few extra details. According to Performax HyperMax XT will feature the same amount of ingredients as its predecessor with a total of 11, but at 8.2g per serving instead of 3.1g. Of that 11, 8 are from the current HyperMax, meaning 3 features are being swapped out. We already know AMP citrate is one of them, with the other two as well as their replacements being quite the mystery. To keep fans interested Performax Labs will be following up today’s first look with the official label of HyperMax XT, which is due to be released sometime next week.

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