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Eria jarensis 1 of HyperMax XT’s 3 new ingredients

hypermax xt

Performax Labs has finally released the formula behind their upcoming pre-workout HyperMax XT, the follow up to their top 10 supplement HyperMax. Just as the brand previously confirmed, the sequel does have a lot in common with its predecessor, being separated by just a handful of ingredients. While that may not sound like much of a reformulation, those few changes Performax has made are actually quite big and make for quite the combination.

As mentioned before both products HyperMax and HyperMax XT, feature a total of 11 ingredients. Of that 11, 8 are the same, meaning Performax has really only moved around three features. The three ingredients removed for HyperMax XT are higenamine, norvaline, and of course the one that encouraged the update, AMP citrate. Replacing the three you have citrulline malate (2:1) at 3g, a dose that is doubled for the formula’s maximum serving. An unknown amount of citrus aurantium and lastly the most interesting addition, eria jarensis extract, the stimulant Gaspari put in their latest pre-workout SP250 and promote as a substitute for DMAA.

While we can’t exactly say just how different HyperMax XT is until we’ve tried it, the supplement’s three changes do look promising. After experiencing first hand the power of eria jarensis in a pre-workout, we’re more than looking forward to seeing how HyperMax XT compares to the original. According to Performax their latest innovation is due to be released early next week, which should see stock hit shelves not too long after that.

Performax Labs HyperMax XT

hypermax xt

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