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Inspired BCAA featuring fermented, non-GMO vegan aminos

inspired bcaa

Inspired Nutraceuticals has unveiled its next new supplement, following on from its flavored fat burner Ember. The latest from the brand is officially titled Inspired BCAA, a product that will see Inspired enter the amino market for the first time. In typical Inspired Nutraceuticals style the upcoming BCAA isn’t your average competitor. While we have yet to see the formula behind the supplement, the brand has confirmed a few highlights for it which is why we’re saying it’s not your average competitor.

Starting with Inspired BCAA’s most important feature, per serving the product is said to pack 5g of fermented, non-GMO vegan amino acids. The supplement will also have a 300mg all natural electrolyte blend, as well as no artificial dyes or colors. The surprises do keep coming as you move on to the menu, with the BCAA due to be available in at least two 40 serving flavors in Berry Bomb and the much more interesting one of the two, Bahama Mama.

According to the brand Inspired BCAA is due to arrive in the next week or so, with the formula reveal likely coming a little before that.

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