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4+ Nutrition puts together another Italian inspired Whey+ flavor

panna cotta

Last year most of 4+ Nutrition’s releases were new flavors for current supplements. A lot, if not all of those new flavors were added to a number of the brand’s protein powders such as Whey+, ISO+ and Hydro+. This year it’s been mostly entirely new products from 4+ up until this week in fact, as the Italian brand has announced a new flavor for its whey protein formula Whey+.

At the moment the 4+ Nutrition protein powder comes in more flavors than most proteins, with a lot of them being quite creative. Some of unique recipes available for Whey+ include Coconut Mousse, Cream Black Cherry, Nougat, Chocolate Pear, and the Italian inspired Zabaione. Due to join that list is yet another locally inspired flavor for the brand much like Zabaione, with the traditional Italian custard dessert Panna Cotta.

At the moment the all new 4+ Nutrition Panna Cotta Whey+ is being promoted as coming some time soon, with the flavor expected to be available in all three of the supplement’s sizes, 900g, 2kg and 4.5kg.

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