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Introducing Results Nutrition and their eight different supplements

results nutrition

Like every year around this time, new brands start popping up as they get ready to make their first appearance at the Olympia expo. One of the new names looking to do just that this year is Results Nutrition, who will actually be launching with a lot more supplements than your average new entry. In total Results will be entering the market with eight different products, covering all the important categories.

When we say Results Nutrition will cover all the important categories, we do really mean that. Starting off with the most popular types of supplements you have Results’ time released protein powder Buildify, pump promising pre-workout Strongify, complex post-workout Restorify, and long lasting fat burning formula Sculptify. Next we have the other half of the brand’s line up with the almost 1:1 protein to carbohydrate lean gainer Magnify, intra-workout cocktail Hydrify, four form creatine Creatify, and last but not least the testosterone booster Testify.

While Results Nutrition is an entirely new brand, they have already got their website together where you can pretty much find everything you need to know about them and their products. As mentioned they’ll also be at the Olympia expo in two weeks time, situated across from Muscletech and Dymatize, and right beside Cytosport.

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