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Super Mass Gainer gets even more attention with three new flavors

super mass gainer

Dymatize Nutrition’s spree of new flavors and packaging continues on once again this week with yet another update to a current supplement. Following on from the brand’s recent upgrade to their mass protein formula Super Mass Gainer, switching its 12lb box to a 12lb bag, comes a few new options to the same product’s menu. Previously the supplement was available in a total of five different flavors with Gourmet Vanilla, Rich Chocolate, Cookies & Creams, Banana Smoothie and Strawberry. The latest from Dymatize does in fact add three to that list, all of which bring a little more creativity to the menu.

Joining Super Mass Gainer’s already packed list of options are three interesting recipes with Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Cake Batter, and the most uncommon one of the group in Sugar Cookie. While the flavors were only unveiled by Dymatize this week, two of them have already shown up and are available for purchase. Not every retailer selling Super Mass Gainer seems to have them, however if you visit you will find two of the three. Alongside some of the supplement’s originals the retailer has Chocolate Mint and Sugar Cookie, leaving Chocolate Cake Batter as the one left to come.

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