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4+ Nutrition unveils its 50+ RTD featuring a massive 50g of protein


While 4+ Nutrition continues to unveil its four new flavors for Egg & Oat+, it has gone and unveiled the premixed supplement it just started teasing two days ago. The all new RTD formula from the Italian brand is titled 50+, which is in direct relation to what the product features. The reason for the name 50+ is because the 4+ supplement packs a total of 50g of protein per bottle.

At the moment the only other detail we have on the product is the fact that it has zero fat. There are also the highlights originally revealed in 4+ Nutrition’s preview confirming its three flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry Vanilla, each featuring 290 calories except for Chocolate which is at 310. Usually straight after unveiling a new supplement the brand immediately gets it to stores, something we do feel is the case on this occasion as 4+ isn’t promoting 50+ as coming soon.

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