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Save just over 10% with the new 10lb Animal Whey

animal whey

Ever since Animal’s protein powder Animal Whey was introduced it’s been able to keep itself in the headlines. Whether it be the teasing or addition of a new flavor, or even a unmissable sale on the supplement, Animal Whey has been and still is one of the biggest releases this year. In our last post on the product it was confirmed that Animal Whey would soon be dropping its exclusivity to the online retailer Today we actually have even bigger news as Animal has introduced a new size of Animal Whey, adding a massive 135 to 142 serving 10lb bag.

To be honest it was almost only a matter of time before Animal went this big, as we already knew it was capable of a 10lb as seen with Animal Mass as well as Universal’s 10lb Ultra Whey Pro. Like most brands when they go bigger, Animal hasn’t produced its 10lb monster in all seven of the supplement’s flavors. The brand has gone with the three traditional tastes Animal Whey was originally introduced in with Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies & Cream.

As for the price on the new Animal Whey, compared to what you usually pay for a 4lb tub at the 10lb will save you a little more than 10%. The total cost of the item is $109.99, however if you are currently looking to stock up you may want to take advantage of the online store’s 4lb promotion it has on at the moment. The deal is buy two 4lb tubs and get $15 discount, which does work out to just over 5% cheaper than the 10lb.

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