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ANS teases a Diablo Series hinting at more fat burning formulas

ans diablo series

ANS Performance has released a teaser today that doesn’t exactly confirm what it’s got coming, but does give you a pretty good idea. The teaser is the image that you can see above, seeing the brand announce a Diablo Series. At the moment ANS has two fat burning formulas using the Diablo name with the original Diablo and Diablo PM. The fact that the brand is now saying it has a series suggests we’re in for at least one more Diablo supplement, or possibly even more.

Since it’s fairly obvious what kind of product or products we’ll be seeing next from ANS, the big question is what kind of weight loss formulas will they be. While regular Diablo covers stimulant powered and Diablo PM nighttime, there are still quite a few fat burning areas left open for the brand. A Diablo diuretic is a possibility, as well as stimulant free Diablo that doesn’t incorporate sleep support, or even a more stimulating alternative to the original like a Diablo extreme.

It’s definitely been some time since we’ve seen anything new from ANS Performance, so whatever it is the brand has cooked up we’re more than interested to see what it is.

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