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Myprotein Brown Rice Protein coming to the US very soon


Myprotein is a brand we haven’t heard from in a while, at least in terms of its US presence, however it has still been hard at work. As Myprotein continues its journey to bring almost all of its massive European supplement line stateside, the brand has now confirmed that two of its slightly more important products are on the way. One of the two has in fact already arrived, the isolate protein ISO:Pro 97, with the other self-explanatory supplement being Brown Rice Protein.

The reason the two are so important according to Myprotein, is because ISO:Pro 97 is its most premium protein available. As for Brown Rice Protein which is obviously a 100% brown rice sourced protein formula, it will be the brand’s first vegan product to hit the US. While some of Myprotein’s other vegan offerings are likely to join Brown Rice Protein later down the road, they won’t of course ever be as important as the first vegan supplement that opens up the brand to an all new audience.

As mentioned ISO:Pro 97 has already been released and can be found on Myprotein’s website in three 2.2lb flavors, with Brown Rice Protein still on its way.

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