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C4 Neuro combines C4 with an intense focus blend

c4 neuro

Following on from mass, weight loss, extreme and on-the-go versions of Cellucor’s well known pre-workout, the brand has now introduced yet another spin-off that’s more focus based. The latest supplement from Cellucor is named C4 Neuro, a product that as we just mentioned is a focused powered formula described as a combination of “explosive energy & intense mental focus”. To go with today’s news of Neuro we also actually have its label, confirming exactly what the brand has put in the supplement to make it a more mental energy pre-workout.

Much like a lot of Cellucor’s other C4s, C4 Neuro’s energy blend is pretty much the same as the regular version. The 350mg proprietary packs n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, 150mg of caffeine anhydrous (150mg), and TeaCor theacrine. For those familiar with C4 you’ll know the only difference with Neuro’s blend is that it is 21mg lighter, with 10mg less caffeine, and its tyrosine is first on the list instead of second.

Other things that C4 Neuro has in common with the original G4 Series pre-workout is all its performance ingredients. Not only has Cellucor held on to a lot of the energy blend, but it has also packed Neuro with beta-alanine, NO3-T creatine nitrate and arginine AKG, all at the same doses they’re at in the regular C4 as well as Ripped and Mass. With so many ingredients similar you may be wondering what makes Neuro so different? The answer to that lies in the product’s four ingredient focus proprietary.

The ingredients making up the only thing that really separates C4 Neuro from Cellucor’s original pre-workout are acetyl-l-carnitine HCl, AlphaSize alpha GPC, Zembrin branded sceletium tortuosum, and toothed clubmoss. All together the features result in a proprietary total of 665mg, and give the supplement the ability to promise improved cognitive function and a strengthened mind-muscle connection.

Of course since everything you need to know about Cellucor’s new C4 Neuro has been released, to help give you a better look at the formula we have posted its label down below. We don’t yet have any idea on when the product is going on sale, but do know when it does you can expect to see it in two 30 serving flavors, Blue Razz and Watermelon.

Cellucor C4 Neuro

c4 neuro

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