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Chaos and Pain gives us a sneak peek at Cannibal Weight

cannibal weight

It was recently confirmed that the cannibal brand Chaos and Pain has a protein powder on the way. As exciting as the announcement was, Chaos and Pain left it at just confirming a protein, giving no name, highlights, or even a rough idea on when it would be arriving. The brand has now actually given us our first look at the supplement, which is officially titled Cannibal Weight.

Almost every time we get a preview of a product we get a little more by taking a closer look at the bottle, however that is not the case for Cannibal Weight. While Chaos and Pain has given us our first look at the supplement, it is unfortunately quite small only revealing the product’s name. In saying that a name like Cannibal Weight does hint at the formula being a bit large, although the tub in the sneak peek does go against that as it’s looking like a traditional 2lb.

More information is likely going to be along soon, especially since Chaos and Pain doesn’t usually preview a supplement unless it’s near release.

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