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Chaos and Pain confirms Legendary’s other two ingredients

chaos and pain legendary

Last time we posted on Chaos and Pain’s upcoming testosterone booster Legendary, we were able to confirm one ingredient. That ingredient was of course epicatechin dosed at 150mg per capsule, with two other features said to be in the supplement. As we near the launch of Chaos and Pain’s latest innovation, we can now confirm exactly what Legendary’s two other ingredients are and each of their doses.

Joining epicatechin in the upcoming Chaos and Pain muscle builder are 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin and Capsorb, at 25mg and 50mg per capsule. If either of those sound familiar that might be because 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin was in fact used in BPS Nutrition’s most recent release Laxacrine, where it promised increases in protein synthesis, strength, power and muscular endurance. As for Capsorb, that would be the ingredient Blackstone Labs threw in its savage phytoformula Juiced Up to offer “maximum absorption of each nutrient.”

While all the information on Chaos and Pain’s Legendary is now available we are short on one thing, and that is the product’s launch. At the moment all we know is that it is coming very soon as it was said to be released in one to two weeks time, and that was about 10 days ago.

Chaos and Pain Legendary

chaos and pain legendary

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