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GAT’s PMPs go on sale at Tiger Fitness for a lot more than expected


Ever since we posted about GAT’s two new pre-workout supplements going on sale at the Olympia, we had a surprisingly large amount of people ask when or where they could purchase the products. Up until today our answer to that question was the brand’s own website, however at $44.09 it wasn’t the best solution. For those that decided to wait for retail availability your time has now come, as this week Tiger Fitness has shown up as one of the first to stock both the regular PMP and stimulant free. Unfortunately you may not be overly happy with the price as the two pre-workouts have actually been launched for $39.79. With 30 servings per bottle the cost definitely puts the PMPs on the expensive side, in fact they’re only just under 10% cheaper than GAT’s own price.

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