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Pro Supps reveals its picamilon-free Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Since all the drama started around picamilon, also referred to as pikatropin, a lot of supplements have been dropping off shelves. Two of the most known products would be Pro Supps’ pre-workout competitors, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Fans of the brand will have definitely noticed those two have been taken down from places like and GNC, although are due to return very soon. Pro Supps has confirmed that both Jekyll and Hyde have been reformulated and are on their way to retailers.

You may be wondering what the brand has done to the products, especially since it’s been able to put together reformulations so quickly. Basically each supplement’s 50mg of pikatropin has been removed and replaced with 25mg each of GABA and niacin, as well as half a gram choline bitartrate. There is no mention of any other changes, meaning everything else in the pre-workouts have been kept exactly the same.

Due to every store being different, we don’t know where it would be worth looking to get the updated Jekyll and Hyde as soon as possible, however Pro Supps has said some may have it as early as tomorrow. It is also worth bringing up a promotion the brand has organized to make up for the products not being available recently. The promotion is pretty simple, take a picture of your Jekyll or Hyde receipt from a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, then email it with your address details to and Pro Supps will send you out a freebie.

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