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Smaller Lean BCAA will give you a chance to try five servings

lean bcaa

Not too long after the Olympia EVL unveiled its next new supplement, introducing Lean BCAA. The product is a very straightforward combination of 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, and 1g each of CLA and l-carnitine tartrate. While EVL’s Lean BCAA has still yet to go on sale, we can now confirm that the supplement will be available in a trial size as well as a full 30 serving. Like all trial sizes it will give you the chance to try a few servings of the product before investing in an entire tub. Another thing that’s well worth mentioning is that this week we are in fact giving away Lean BCAA. To get in the draw for the tub simply head on over to our giveaway page and complete the required steps.

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