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First look at Nutrex N-Vein confirms two ingredients

nutrex n-vein

A couple of days ago Nutrex confirmed its next new supplement, announcing the stimulant free pre-workout N-Vein. Nothing much outside of the name and category was released, today however we’ve got our first real look at the product giving us a lot more than we had two days ago. The most interesting details that the Nutrex N-Vein preview has given us are two branded ingredients that are actually in the formula, HydroMax and Nitratene.

Pump pre-workout fans will definitely be familiar with HydroMax glycerol, mainly because it is a very common feature. As for Nitratene it is a lot less common, although still something pre-workout users in general might be familiar with. The two have been included to help Nutrex N-Vein deliver on its promise of extreme blood flow and pumps, however it is worth mentioning that the supplement does have plenty of room for more ingredients.

As well as confirming HydroMax and Nitratene, the first look at N-Vein has also revealed its overall tub weight. In total the product comes in at a heavy 318g, which even if we’re looking at something like 30 or 40 servings leaves you with an 8 to 10.5g serving size. Seeing as we can only imagine Nutrex N-Vein coming close to about half that with HydroMax and Nitratene, we’re definitely thinking there is more to the formula.

The remaining details for the upcoming Nutrex pre-workout are expected sometime next week, with the launch of the supplement said to be taking place the following week.

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