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Pumpkin Pie Gold Standard launching November 11th

pumpkin pie gold standard

While most supplement companies revealed and released their pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice products earlier in the month. It seems one of the bigger players in the protein game has been waiting in the shadows. The Gold Standard brand Optimum Nutrition has announced that it’s put together a 2lb pumpkin flavor for its flagship supplement 100% Whey Gold Standard. The official title of the option is Pumpkin Pie which is in fact going to be exclusive to just the one location.

Most of the time we see exclusive products go to the likes of, GNC or even more recently Tiger Fitness. Surprisingly that’s not where Optimum’s Pumpkin Pie Gold Standard will be available, as it actually Groupon that will be stocking the supplement. The flavor isn’t on there just yet, but it will be dropping very soon on Wednesday November 11th.

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