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Introducing Torem and its upcoming products Neco-Adipem and Augmenti


Today we’d like to turn your attention to an all new brand, that moving forward you’re hopefully going to see a little more of here on Stack3d. The name of the brand is Torem, that at the moment is getting ready to launch its first two supplements. The products are both mainstream category competitors with the protein powder Augmenti and fat burner Neco-Adipem. The protein supplement does appear to be fairly straightforward, although it will be coming in two different versions, whey and hemp.

As for the weight loss solution Neco-Adipem, Torem does of course get a little more complex. In total the fat burning formula combines six different ingredients, most of which you will have seen or heard of before. The features making up the caffeine free product are 25mg each of the branded ingredients ActiGin and InnoSlim, 250mg green tea, 100mg garcinia cambogia, and 50mg each of Advantra Z and Capsimax cayenne pepper. All together the contents promise the usual weight loss effects including thermogenesis and appetite support, although since it’s caffeine free obviously not increased energy.

For more information on Torem and its two upcoming supplements Augmenti and the extremely well presented Neco-Adipem, you can visit You can also count on seeing updates on the brand right here, especially as the products near release.

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