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TruZMA and TruCreatine join PES Superior Essentials Series


When PES launched Forskolin-95+ back in July, it also introduced its Superior Essentials Series. The release of the line basically confirmed that the brand would be bringing on board more individual ingredient, or basic supplements in the near future. While it may have taken PES three months to follow up Forskolin-95+, two more Superior Essentials have now been revealed with TruZMA and TruCreatine. Based on what’s been released it does look like TruCreatine will only be featuring creatine, TruZMA however will have a little more than just its title ingredient.

As straightforward as TruCreatine seems with 30 3g servings per tub, there is still the question of what type of creatine the product uses. The most common kind is of course creatine monohydrate, although with a serving size of 3g there are a few others it could be. No doubt that mystery will be solved when more information on the supplement surfaces, which then takes us to TruZMA. As mentioned the PES ZMA formula isn’t only going to be featuring ZMA, with TruFulvic shilajit extract also confirmed as a part of TruZMA.

At the moment we don’t have any time frame for when TruZMA or TruCreatine will be arriving, just that they’re coming soon to PES stockists.

Update 10/24: PES TruCreatine’s creatine has been confirmed as creatine anhydrous

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