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PES Vanilla Select finally released after two years of perfecting

vanilla select

Ever since PES launched its well-flavored protein powder Select it has been missing something that most competitors always have. When it first arrived it was available in three flavors, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and Snickerdoodle. In the almost two years that it’s been on the market two more flavors have joined the family with Blondie and Peanut Butter Cup. The pretty big thing missing is of course a Vanilla Select, however today that has all changed.

PES has now finally launched its Vanilla Select, after spending a total of two years perfecting it. The flavor officially makes it a total of six options for the supplement, and just like all the others it has been produced in both of the product’s sizes, 27 and 55 servings. As you’d expect with any launch by PES, Vanilla Select has also been introduced with another one of the brand’s solid introductory deals.

Through until midnight this Sunday if you head over to the brand’s website you will be able to pick up 27 servings of Vanilla Select for just $19.99, and 55 servings for a slightly more cost-effective $39.99. The only other details worth mentioning is that there is a limit of six bottles, flat rate shipping is $5.99, and the deal is open to international customers who will get discounted shipping rates.

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