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Blood Orange AdreNOlyn makes it 32 unique flavors for Black Market

blood orange adrenolyn

Black Market has announced this month’s Guerrilla Edition AdreNOlyn, seeing the underground brand get back to something entirely new. Following on from last month’s return of Sex On The Beach, Black Market has put together its 32nd unique flavor with Blood Orange AdreNOlyn. The latest from the brand isn’t to be confused with its November 2013 release Orange Creamsicle, with this one being described as an “orange and raspberry citrus bomb”. At the moment the flavor is not available, but when it does arrive later this month you can expect to see it on Black Market’s website for the usual price of $59.99, then in retailers soon after.

Update 11/23: Black Market’s all new Blood Orange Guerrilla Editions are now available through its website.

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