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Cannibal Cronus confirmed as Chaos and Pain’s blend

cannibal cronus

Late last week Chaos and Pain released a preview of its upcoming protein powder Cannibal Weight. Two days ago all was then revealed, as everything you need to know about the isolate formula was made available. Today the brand has kept things going by giving us our first look at Cannibal Cronus, one of the other two protein powders it has on the way.

As previously confirmed, Chaos and Pain’s other two supplements are going to be a blend and a casein. The product we have a preview of today is the former, meaning that what ever the brand’s third protein is called, is the casein. Unfortunately outside of the name of Cannibal Cronus we only have two more pieces of information. One being its 30 serving 2lb tub size, and the other one of its flavors in Carnivorous Chocolate.

Seeing as we’ve now got a look at Cannibal Cronus we can assume its details aren’t far behind. Especially since it only took six days to get everything about Cannibal Weight after we first saw the supplement.

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