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Cannibal Ferox reformulated with 125mg of Orchilean

cannibal ferox

Chaos and Pain has revealed the formula behind the latest version of its pre-workout supplement Cannibal Ferox. It was mid last month that the brand confirmed it had reformulations of both Ferox and Inferno on the way, with the former being the only one we have details on here today. While the product has been reformulated Chaos and Pain hasn’t exactly made a lot of changes, both dropping and adding only two ingredients.

Starting with the updated Cannibal Ferox’s features it’s lost, the brand has removed the supplement’s 75mg of higenamine and 75mg of hordenine. In place of the two Chaos and Pain has included 3.2g of beta-alanine, and 125mg of the branded stimulant Orchilean cymbidium goeringii extract. If you haven’t heard of that last one don’t be too surprised, as you won’t actually find it in a lot of pre-workouts. With that being said it is obviously quite the stimulant, especially since Chaos and Pain reformulated Ferox to include it.

One more thing to add to the list of changes for the all new Cannibal Ferox is that the product is getting another flavor. At the moment the supplement comes in four options, Lawless Lemonlime, Watermelon Warmachine, Mango Mutilation and Strawbloody Kiwi Crush. When the updated version eventually arrives fans will get have a fifth flavor to choose from with Blackberry Brutality.

Chaos and Pain Cannibal Ferox, 2015 reformulation

cannibal ferox

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