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Reformulated EVL ENGN launched with a buy one get one deal


One of the many supplements featuring picamilon/pikatropin that was dropped from a few weeks ago was EVL’s ENGN. That product is now back in stock at the online retailer, although of course with a slightly different formula. Basically what it appears the brand has done is remove pikatropin as expected and increase its dose of choline. You can see proof of this on its label as instead of being 7th in ENGN’s proprietary, choline is now second and the overall weight of the blend has gone up 3mg despite losing an ingredient.

To help welcome back the pre-workout, there is actually a deal on EVL’s ENGN at the moment that makes it more than worthwhile giving the reformulation a go. For a limited time is doing two tubs for the price of one working out to $14.99 each. The offer is only available on the 30 serving ENGNs, with five of its six flavors to choose from in Blue Raz, Fruit Punch, Furious Grape, Green Apple and Watermelon.

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