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Mystery Unflavored EVL supplement to unveiled next week


EVLution Nutrition has confirmed that it will soon be adding a new option to one of its current powder products. Most of the time we get told what supplement is getting the new addition, and the brand builds up to the reveal of the flavor. This time around however it is the opposite, as EVL has announced that the option it’s put together is Unflavored, but has not mentioned what product is getting it.

With so many powder formulas in the brand’s line up, there are a number of supplements Unflavored could be going to. If we had to guess we’d probably say one of the aminos is most likely, with either Lean BCAA, BCAA Energy or even the recently renamed Amino-10. Fortunately we won’t be waiting too long to find out what lucky product it is, as EVL’s mystery Unflavored item is due to be unveiled sometime next week.

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