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Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator details and difference revealed

Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator

Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator is the only supplement of Muscletech’s five it officially confirmed today that we previously knew about. In saying that we didn’t really know a whole lot about it, just that it was going to be a flavored Performance Series product competing in the weight loss category. We’ve now finally got the whole story on Hydroxycut Accelerator which is actually being promoted as a type of supplement we don’t see too often, a pre-cardio competitor.

As you’d imagine being a product that’s essentially a pre-workout for cardio, Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator promises mostly performance effects. Extreme energy and enhanced focus are both big highlights printed on the front of the supplement, although it does also promote boosted metabolism and overall weight loss. In total Hydroxycut Accelerator relies on nine different ingredients to deliver on its promises, with more than half of those nine actually from the regular Hydroxycut Next Gen.

The half that won’t seem familiar includes (per two servings) 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 1g each of taurine and CLA, and half a gram of carnitine tartrate. As for the rest of the formula you have green coffee bean, caffeine anhydrous, skullcap, ophiopogon extract and guayusa. Not only are all five of those from Hydroxycut Next Gen, but they’re also in Hydroxycut Accelerator at the exact same doses they’re at in the Next Gen original, except for the caffeine which is 20mg less at 270mg.

For those after a closer look at the rather interesting combination of Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator, we have added its 100% transparent label down below. You’ll also notice looking at the label that the product is technically a 40 serving formula, although the doses we mentioned are all based on its recommended pre-cardio maximum of two servings.

Muscletech Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator

Hydroxycut Next Gen Accelerator

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