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Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant only takes two from the original

Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant

The one supplement in Muscletech’s lot of five it confirmed today that we kind of saw coming is Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant. Ever since Hydroxycut Next Gen was introduced earlier in the year, we figured it was only a matter of time before a stimulant free version arrived. The main reason we figured that was because it is exactly what the brand did for Next Gen’s predecessor Hydroxycut Elite, with Hydroxycut Elite Non-Stimulant.

Much like most, if not all of Muscletech’s stimulant free versions of fat burners, Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant has very little in common with the stimulant original. As you’d expect the product promotes weight loss without the traditional addition of energy or focus. To help it follow through on that the brand has packed the fat burner with six ingredients, only two of which are from the regular Hydroxycut Next Gen. The features carried over are green coffee bean and ophiopogon extract, both at their doses from the stimulant version in 400mg and 25mg. The remaining four ingredients are 100mg of black ginger, 75mg schizandra, 50mg black currant and 20mg of amla extract.

As different as the Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant formula is compared to the original, it has still been designed to give you the same amount of servings. Each bottle of the supplement squeezes in 150 capsules, working out to exactly 50, 3 capsule servings. You can see the formula in more detail below in its official facts panel, and expect to see the product on shelves sometime over the next few months.

Muscletech Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant

Hydroxycut Next Gen Non-Stimulant

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