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Introducing I.AM Nutritionals and its two products, I.LIV BCAA and Re:Wire

i am nutritionals

I.AM Nutritionals is an all new brand we’d like to introduce today, that has in fact just launched. I.AM has started things off with a total of two supplements, both belonging to fairly mainstream categories. The two products are I.LIV BCAA, the brand’s amino cocktail competitor, and Re:Wire, its weight loss solution. Both supplements have some interesting highlights to them, I.LIV actually being a plant-based BCAA, and Re:Wire a nine feature fat burner with two branded ingredients IrisinXD and Capsiatra.

While I.AM is a very new brand, you can already purchase both of its products direct from its website, although being direct the prices are fairly expensive. The supplements are also available in select retailers, with some of the biggest I.AM stockists being Nutritional Power Centers and EXN Nutrition locations in South Florida. For more information on the brand as well as its products you can check out its site at, and expect to see more of I.AM here on Stack3d moving forward.

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