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Reformulated Inspired KOR featuring TeaCrine theacrine

inspired kor

Inspired Nutraceuticals has announced that a new version of its fat burner KOR is launching sometime soon. Compared to the previous version, a lot has changed with very few ingredients being carried over to the updated supplement. Starting from the top Inspired has packed 30mg each of higenamine and octopamine, 20mg Cocoabuterol cocoa extract, 150mg theobromine and 120mg sulbutiamine. There is of course also an energy blend in the product, which is where some of the biggest changes have gone down.

Instead of featuring 50mcg of 3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine and 200mg of caffeine. For its new, larger two capsule KOR serving Inspired has gone with 300mg of difcaffeine malate, 100mg TeaCrine theacrine and 30mg of synephrine. Based on the energy blend it really looks like the brand is aiming for a more long-lasting experience, although the reformulated KOR does still promote all the other effects such as focus and thermogenesis.

Inspired is saying the updated supplement is due to arrive within the next week. So if you’re interested, definitely keep an eye on the brand’s website as that is where it will likely be available first.

Inspired Nutraceuticals KOR (reformulated)

inspired kor

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