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Mission1 review: Muscletech’s protein bar a real Quest competitor

mission1 review

Ever since Muscletech’s Mission1 was unveiled, the supplement seems to have been compared to just the one competitor. Whether or not it’s what the brand wanted, the product’s similar name and related hashtag #onamission, has encouraged Muscletech’s edible effort to be compared to the massively popular Quest Bar. We recently managed to get a hold of all three flavors of the very new supplement to bring you today’s Mission1 review, and find out for ourselves just how well the bar compares to Quest as well as all the others in the protein bar game.

The first thing we have to mention about Muscletech’s Mission1 is that it is indeed a clean protein bar, as listed on its label. The brand has definitely put together a product that will work in with most diets, featuring 20 to 21g of protein, up to 24g of carbohydrates with 17g fiber and 1g sugar, between 6 to 8g of fat, and a calorie count of 190 to 210. As good as all those numbers are, one of the equally important factors with any bar is how it tastes. This is also where the real battle between Mission1 and the Quest Bar comes in.

Chocolate chip and plenty of cookie dough

To start off our Mission1 review we’re going to talk about the taste of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Due to the flavor having a fair bit of thickness to it, which in turn makes it quite the chewy experience, the cookie dough part of it does manage to come through rather strong. At times it is difficult to make out the actual flavor of the main body of the bar because of that density, however thanks to the chocolate chips sprinkled across the top you’ll have no trouble associating it with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Also like most bars with features such as chocolate chips, Mission1’s bits do vary in size resulting in most parts being more cookie dough and some extra chocolatey.

mission1 review

Deep dark Chocolate Brownie

Next in our Mission1 review is the extremely deep and dark Chocolate Brownie. Like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie is relatively thick which usually helps amplify the chocolate flavor of protein bars, although that isn’t the case with Mission1. Right from the first bite of Muscletech’s dedicated chocolate recipe before the density has time to work its way in, you’ll be hit by a sweet, heavy dose of chocolate, that is consistent from start to finish. The thickness of Mission1 does eventually play a part once it’s built up, but only to help make the experience last longer. Like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Chocolate Brownie’s top is also covered with chocolate chips that you almost don’t even notice due to the flavor being so rich right from the beginning.

mission1 review

Cookies & Cream the best of the three

Last but not least is Mission1 Cookies & Cream, the better flavor of the three or at least in our opinion it is. The key selling point with this one isn’t that it packs a whole lot of cookies or chocolate bits like most competing cookies bars. What makes Muscletech’s Cookies & Cream impressive is that it has the perfect balance of both parts of its flavor. One look at the bar will tell you that the brand hasn’t held back with the cookies, as on its top you’ll actually see more cookies than bar. Initially that does suggest the flavor will be mostly chocolate, however one bite into it will convince you otherwise.

mission1 review

Surprisingly the Cookies & Cream Mission1 is in fact more milk and cream than anything else. Like the other two tastes the main, slightly lighter bar is where all the flavor is kept, and where the brand mixes together a unique chewy cookie dough and sweet touch of milk and cream. It is that sweetness that makes the bar so attractive and difficult to put down, as the surprising twist will have you going at it bite after bite. The sweet side also helps you understand why there are so many cookie bits on the bar. As despite it having more on top than Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie, the cookie bits almost go unnoticed being overshadowed by the flavor’s creamy sweetness.

Only time will tell

Overall Muscletech’s Mission1 is as promised a clean protein bar, that delivers on all three of its tastes. As mentioned above in the Mission1 review, our favorite is Cookies & Cream, followed by Chocolate Brownie then Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The remaining question of course is does it compare to Quest? If it wasn’t obvious, the answer is yes. Mission1 is right on par with arguably the biggest name in the protein bar business.

Unfortunately we do have to say on par because as good as it is we wouldn’t quite put the Muscletech effort a head of Quest, or behind for that matter. The consistency of the Mission1 flavors, their quality of taste and extras sprinkled on top do make a good case for the supplement, but there is one thing holding it back. At the moment Mission1 is only available in three flavors, where as Quest has well over 10. It is the product’s variety that’s going to be what pushes it past its biggest competitor, as three successful flavors just isn’t enough to put it over Quest.

If we had to guess Muscletech probably already has more flavors on the way for Mission1, which we do look forward to trying and can only hope are as good as the three originals.

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