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Nitro-Tech Nighttime identical to Muscletech’s Micellar Whey

nitro-tech nighttime

Following on from yesterday’s big reveal of five new Muscletech supplements, today we have more details on a product we posted about earlier this month, Nitro-Tech Nighttime. Previously all we really knew about the supplement is that it features Micellar Whey as one of its protein sources, much like the brand’s Performance Series product simply titled Micellar Whey. As it turns the Nighttime formula is in fact 100% identical to Micellar Whey’s.

Basically we’ve finally got a look at the label of Nitro-Tech Nighttime, and it is very much word for word and number for number, the same as Micellar Whey’s. Right from the 25g of protein and 6g of carbohydrates, to the 1.3mg of iron and 190mg of sodium, it’s all the same. Even when you compare the flavors of the two the numbers are identical with Nighttime’s Triple Chocolate Milkshake and French Vanilla, and Micellar Whey’s shorter named Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla.

While there isn’t much to see especially if you’ve already come across Muscletech’s Micellar Whey before. We have added Nitro-Tech Nighttime’s label down below as well as Micellar Whey’s, just to show you exactly how similar the two protein powders are.

Muscletech Nitro-Tech Nighttime / Micellar Whey

nitro-tech nighttimemicellar whey

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