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PES Prolific is coming to the US, but not anytime soon

pes prolific

Almost immediately after we posted details about the Australian exclusive pre-workout PES Prolific. We got a number of people asking about whether or not the supplement would be coming stateside. Basically we took all of those questions and put them to the brand along with some of our own. Firstly PES is of course going to be launching a pre-workout in the US, however it has said it’s not going to be available anytime soon. The brand isn’t actually looking to release one until next year, sometime in the first six months.

Secondly the product may not be called PES Prolific. The brand hasn’t completely ruled out the idea, it’s just that a name has not yet been finalized which isn’t overly surprisingly since it’s not expected until next year. Lastly, and this is something we figured would be the case, PES has said the US pre-workout’s formula will be very different from Prolific. Since it is an Australian exclusive supplement, Prolific was of course designed to fit in with the country’s rules and regulations. Since that won’t be the case for whatever next year’s pre-workout gets named, it’s no surprise it’s being described as very different.

For now we’re just going to have to sit back and wait for more information, which probably won’t happen until we’re a few months into 2016.

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